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nashville, tn

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The rustic charm of Hachland Hill, a family-run dining inn and retreat center for 64 years, is the ideal location for your next overnight stay, family reunion, business retreat, wedding, banquet or other exclusive gathering. With the convenience of the Nashville airport only 25 minutes away, you will immediately relax into the peaceful atmosphere offered by Hachland Hill’s 80 acres of wooded hills, comfortable gathering spaces and delicious southern cuisine originated by chef Phila Hach.

Steeped in History… Hachland Hill

Just Outside Downtown Nashville, TN

Main Lodge

Spring Creek

The Tobacco Barn

Learn the history behind Hachland Hill

Early Writers called this Northwest corner of Davidson County, “a land of mystery” where crystal springs flow and the land remains wild. Historically home to Native Americans (Cherokee and Chickasaw) –Abundant natural resources made it possible to live well off the land. Spring fed waters, wildlife and plant life: Sassafras, Berries, Walnuts, Ginseng, Maple trees for syrup, almost every species of tree, shrub, and wildflower grow, and birds, fish, deer, fox, and wild turkey thrive.
This remote mountain spur of the Cumberland Mountains is unique in every way. In the early 1700’s two French Brothers, by the name of Paradise, found their way here. The area became known as Paradise Hills.


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We had several corporate retreats at Hachland Hill. One of which birthed the idea of a new company, that now, a decade later, is a very successful organization. I think that’s kind of special.

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